Friday, March 21, 2008


I went out today looking for my FAVORITE Easter candy! I could not find those little candy coated balls of peanut butter ANYWHERE! I went to about 5 stores. GONE! I couldn't believe it! Why did I wait so long? Do I really have to go through an Easter without them? Anyone know where I can find some? If you find them, buy them!!!!! I will pay you back and pay for shipping :0) I am an addict! There really is more to Easter than peanut butter eggs! Sorry to sound so shallow!


Glenda said...

Do you mean Reses Pieces? Because I love those too, and currently have a yogurt container half full of them for my stash.

Now for Easter I had to buy several boxes of Cadburry Caramel Eggs - those are the favorite around here.

Happy Easter!

Kristi Heinz said...

Don't like the caramel eggs....but I do wish I had your yogurt container! LOVE those. Went to two more stores luck.