Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick "O' family update

Brian took Emma for her first doctors visit since the wreck. He said that everything went well. They got in and out of the car much more easily then when they came home from hospital. Emma had a list of things she was hoping to be able to start doing, but the doctor told her she had to rest and continue to heal. It is a good sign that she is wanting to try to do more, that means she is feeling better and getting stronger! Thanks for all your prayers for them. Emma is such a productive person, I know it is so very difficult for her to not be busy and to also have to depend on others to help her out. We pray for her daily and appreciate those of you who are joining us in doing so.

Also, our Kind. teacher's husband, who is a helicopter pilot, had a helicopter accident on Sunday. Remarkably, he is doing well also. God is so good! He has cuts and bruises and two broken ribs. He didn't even have to stay the night in the hospital! It is amazing! I wonder how many times a day we are kept by God's angels from being harmed. I probably don't even want to know! If you could keep Jim in your prayers along with Emma it would be greatly appreciated.

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Katrina said...

Okay...did anybody tell me about Emma?? That sounds familiar, maybe, but definitely not about Jim! Guys - ya gotta keep me informed!! (I know...I should read your blog more faithfully!)

Am glad everyone is doing okay...considering.