Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Poor Boy

So, it is Lutheran School's Week, there are all kinds of fun things planned, and Ben is home sick again this year! It is not fair! He had 102 degree fever this morning. He was so disappointed. I was disappointed for him too! Today we had a drive in at lunch! The seventh and eight graders turned the tables into cars by putting grills on the front of them. We showed the Disney Pixar Shorts on the wall with the projector. The kids ate their lunches, had ice cream floats, and watched the movie in their "cars". They had a BLAST! And my boy had to miss it! I feel so badly for him. Tomorrow is pirate day, we are having a treasure hunt at school with clues. He will most likely miss that too. He still had a fever at noon.

If that was not bad enough, his DI competition is Saturday. He had to miss it last year because he was sick. Hopefully he will be over everything before Saturday and will still be able to be part of his team. It is not easy to work thingls out when someone is missing.

It just seems as though he is not supposed to be part of DI or Lutheran Schools Week. Please say a little prayer for him so that he will feel good enough on Saturday. (That is if we have to go. We are supposed to get some snow. They say 5-9 inches. Thats like two feet for those of you who get real snow.)

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Jessica said...

Praying for Ben!! I hope he feels better soon so that he doesn't have to miss any other fun activities.