Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So, I had to give my idol predictions and thoughts. My Idol friends and I all filled out forms to predict where the season will go. Well, not Erin, she chose to pass. Come on girl!

After I filled my paper out I looked at others. Emma and I have the exact same thing, except two are switched around! Wild!

I think David Cook has a good chance of winning it all. He was brilliant last night! I said it even before Simon did. He really is smart and a darn good rocker. We will see.

My choice for second is Carley. She has as amazing voice. Paual is right, she can sing the phone book! She did a wonderful job last night and showed she knows how to own a stage!

David, who I originally thought would win it all is my third choice. He really crumbled under last night's pressure. I think he is amazing, but not sure that he can win it all. It just depends how many little girls and grandmas out there are voting!

Tonight I believe Kristy will go home. Her arrangement was awful!

We will see how I do....maybe I will post my entire list later. I was proud of Chacezi. I think he shocked a lot of people last night. He won't make it to the top. I just don't think he will, but he is doing a TON of improving.

We will see how right or wrong I am. It is going to be a really great season!

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