Saturday, June 28, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

My friend Jessica asked her readers to blog with her occasionally about their new favorite things. I like this idea and I will be joining her! I hope you will join in too!

Jessica's new favorite thing was the T.V. show "John and Kate Plus 8" This is WAY one of my new favorite things also, but I won't blog about it since she did.

My new favorite thing is giant crab legs from the Kroger fish counter! I was walking by on Thursday and couldn't help noticing them. I asked the butcher how you even cook them. He told me that you cut them down the middle with a scissors and pull the meat out. All you have to do next is pop it in the microwave. He even demonstrated and gave me a sample. YUM-O! Now I had to buy some. I bought one big leg. It was a HUGE leg. It was also a huge price, but very worth it. Rich and I were able to make a meal out of the one leg. We had sides of course. It was SOOOOOOO good! The sticker price might shock you, but you will enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Salesperson at K Heinz Designz!

On our way to Wisconsin we all decided we needed a potty break. The closest place Rich found for us to stop at was Starbucks (wink wink)! We odered our drinks. (Thanks Hailey! She gave me a Strabucks gift card for an end of the school year gift. We have been using a little here and a little there to make it last!) While the drinks were being made, I used the restroom. Ben and Rich were out talking to a barista who had taken her break. When I came back out the lovely barista asks to see some of my jewelry. Ben had told her that his mom owned a jewelry business! She loved it and asked for my card so she could come on and check it out. I didn't ask your name friendly barista, but if you check my site out I hope you liked what you saw! My new sales associate was paid that day with a double chocolate Frapachino. He is going to work out great!


Today our new teacher is coming to find a place to live. I am in charge of dessert for dinner. I decided I would make homemade "Hostess" cupcakes. I went to my trusty recipe box to find the recipe for the filling. I had not written it down. I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure I had written it down. So, I googled it. I am looking through several recipes, but I couldn't find mine. They all had Crisco, and I know mine doesn't have Crisco. It is just something I don't keep in my pantry. Well, several pages into my search, I finally found the was on my blog! LOL!!!! I guess I really did put it down, just not with pen and paper. I am sure glad I showed up on Google!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Susan G. Komen

I am excited! I just fired off an e-mail with pictures of jewelry attached for the Susan G. Komen foundation. They are considering my jewelry for their new website. I pray that they find some of my items worth selling on their site! I would appreciate your prayers that this will work out! I am attaching some pictures of the newest stuff! Rich would say, "Win big!" I hope I do!

Monday, June 16, 2008

If Your Life Was a Movie

Rich did this on his blog. It is too fun! I just want to state that Ben, Rich, and I are sharing a playlist on our ipods right now! Enjoy!

Here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...
7. Include commentary

Opening Credits: “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” by the Walt Disney World Band So, does this say something about me?

Waking Up: “Hey There Delilah” Plain White T’s Acutally, if I had to wake up to this song I would go back to bed! This one is from Rich’s collection. I am not fond of the song.

First Day at School: “Dayream” by Jason Castro I must admit that I did some daydreaming at school! Jason Castro was on American Idol this year. I started out liking him, but wasn’t fond of him at the end.
Falling in Love: “Hate 2 Love Her” by Blake Lewis I sure hope Rich doesn’t hate loving me! I cannot speak for others I dated.

Fight Song: “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson This is not much of a fight song, but I love this song!

Breaking Up: “Silence is Golden” by Blake Lewis Yes, during breaking up this could be true.

Prom: “Ladies Choice” Hairspray This would be a fun song at a prom!
Life's Ok: “I’m Into Something Good” by Herman’s Hermits I do seem to be into something good!
Mental Breakdown: “Come Together” By Carly Smithson Yes, during those breakdowns you gotta try and come together!
Driving: “True Love’s Kiss” Enchanted I remember driving home after a kiss from my true love! It was enchanting!
Flashback: “Sunday Morning” By Maroon Five It is always good to flashback to Sunday morning!
Getting Back Together: “Wonderful World” by IZ I think it is wonderful when people get back together!

Wedding: “Day by Day” The Hooters I am still blessed to take things day by day with my true love!
Birth of Child: “She’s a Woman” by Chikezie If you knew what I went through to have Ben you would say that I am quite a woman!

Final Battle: “Tequila” by The Champs I admit that I have had a battle with tequila!

Death Scene: “Robert Says Goodbye” Enchanted I am not sure who Robert is, but I am glad that he is going to miss me!

Funeral Song: “Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye” The Walt Disney World Band Too funny! When Tim Oberdieck was a toddler he couldn’t say my name correctly and called me Tootsie! Maybe he will sing this at my funeral.

End Credits: “The Nicest Kids in Town” I hope I will be remembered as one of the nicest kids in town!
OK, so I tag Glenda, Rebekah, Tori, Angie, and Julie.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Is it Really Summer Break?

Ben was discussing with us this morning over homemade cinnamon rolls via Brian O., (Yum-O!) that it really hasn't felt like summer break yet. I suppose this is because we have been on the run since school was out.

Let's see....Monday I spent the day at school working on report cards and permanent records. We took Ben to a late lunch at "Polly's Freeze" (a local favorite that has soft serve sherbet) because he had gotten straight A's. This was a major accomplishment. He had been pushing the high B's in Math all year. He worked really hard and made it over the hump! He is so bright in Math. It amazes me what he can do in his head. He despises putting everything down on paper. We worked on that this quarter and it paid off! VBS was in the evening, so there is day one.

Day two was spent cleaning out my classroom. We didn't get finished, but thanks to my good friend Angie, we are close! We came home so I could recover from what appeared to be some tainted food? VBS was again tonight. I was in charge of snacks. Rich and I made popcorn in the popper. It was fun. Day two is gone.

Wednesday I took Ben and some friends to the free movie. It was Veggie Tales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". The kids enjoyed it. We came back to school so I could help make 50 gallons of baked beans for Relay for Life. That was work! VBS was again tonight. I baked a birthday cake for my mom when we got back home.

Thursday was my mom's birthday. We took her to lunch and shopping. This was the last night of VBS. We also played cards with my mom and her friend.

Today I had blood work done this morning. I worked on dishes. Rich worked in the garden and on laundry. Ben cleaned his room and is leaving for the movies with a friend soon. Rich and I will be going back to school to finish my classroom.

Among all of this I have also managed to make a large pile of jewelry that I will deliver on Monday. YIKES! It really hasn't been much of a break yet. When do we get a day just to relax at home? Not tomorrow, we are going to a birthday party for my godson, Joshua, and then Rich has a meeting in the evening. (Why do these people think a meeting on Saturday night is a good idea?)

Sunday is Father's Day. We will go out to lunch after church and go to the zoo. We have been trying to get there for weeks!

Monday is jewelry day. Tuesday is packing. Wednesday we FINALLY leave for CCA. I think we will relax there! When does summer break start?

Hope yours has been exciting so far too!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Hasn't Sunk In

Last Tuesday was my last day of school. It just hasn't sunk in that I won't be teaching next year. Maybe it won't until school starts. I am not sure. So far I am still working. I had to do report cards and permanent records. I am working on the yearbook. Today I am starting to clean out my classroom. It is difficult to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

The bead show was fantastic. I got a lot of good deals. I even talked some people down on their prices! I have never tried it before. I was quite successful! I brought home a suitcase full of goodies! I haven't had much time to work with any of it yet since VBS is this week. Tonight I am in charge of snacks.

Tomorrow I will take Ben to the free movies to see a Veggie Tales show. Then I will work on making potato salad for Relay for Life. We are working with 375 pounds of potatoes! That is a lot of salad!

It has been so busy I haven't had time to be excited about the bead business. I have news that the Susan Komen shop is going to start an online shop that will be open all year. They have asked to put some of my things on the site. This is VERY exciting. I also have a quilt store that wants "scissor candy", cute strand of beads that you hook on your sewing scissors. This is a new endeavor. I will be hitting other sewing shops in the area too. Of course Ozzies is always up for something new! I am excited about it all. I just need some time to bead!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rows and Rows of THIS!!!!!

This morning we are heading out for the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. It is the largest bead show in the country! There are rows and rows of people with booths just like this guy's! It is amazing! My palms were sweating just downloading this pictures! It is such a fun day and we get such wonderful bargains! I cannot wait to be there tomorrow. New jewlery is coming soon to k heinz designz!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Louisville Stop #2

Glassworks is a neat place in Louisville to visit. They do many different kinds of work with glass. They have a lampwork studio, blowing studio, and a workshop for designing stained glass and working on building designs. They have made huge sculptures and did the windows on some amazing buildings. You are able to watch all of each process. There is a movie about the history and process of making glass. They also have a studio where you can make projects. It is a cool place. It is neat to go here and to Schmipff's in the same day. It is remarkable how similar the process for glass and hard candy is. Neat place! I do, however, have a thing for glass :0) It is hereditary!

Shimpff's Candy

If you are going to visit the Louisville area this summer, you MUST stop into Schmipff's Candy! This is a candy store like no other. They make their own hard candy along with chocolates. It is amazing to watch them make their hard candy. My class recently visited there on their field trip. They mmix the candy and then they run it through these copper rollers and the shape is imprinted on the candy. They then lift the strip of candy and drop it, leaving behind small pieces in the shapes they cut them. They have been featured on The Food Channel several times. They also have a candy museum. For this daughter of a candy salesman, it is a favorite place to go! They make the most amazing red hots you will ever find! There chocolates are not too bad either!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Poor Sweet Baby Boy

On Saturday Ben had a birthday party to go to. He doesn't get invited to parties with kids in his class often. In fact, I cannot remember when the last one was. He has been invited to younger kid's parties, but not one with the kids in his class. It was Gabe's party. He is probably closer to Gabe than anyone else in the class. It was at a water park! This was a much anticipated event! Saturday morning rolls around and Ben gets up and just plops down on the couch, with a pillow and blanket. He stays there for quite some time. This is not Ben. Sitting at the computer for quite some time, okay, but THIS, nope, not Ben. So finally I ask, "Are you okay Ben?" His reply, "Yeah, just fine, why do you ask?" "Well, you normally don't just lay on the couch unless we make you," I reply. "Oh, I am just cold." It was 82 degrees that day. I let it go. And soon I hear sobbing. He had gotten up and gotten the thermometer to take his temperature. It was 103! He had not been feeling well and just didn't want to admit it. Needless to say, he did not go to the party. Many tears were shed.

Sunday he went to my mom's while we went to graduation parties. He had a headache, a bit of a tummy ache, but no sore throat, not until we arrived back to get him. Today he went to the doctor. He has strep and some strange virus that caused blisters in his throat and could cause blisters on his hands and torso. No school today, no class end-of-the-year-party tomorrow. Nope. He is at Grandma's again. Poor guy. Keep him in your prayers. The only good part is he isn't supposed to eat anything hot. He is supposed to stick to Popsicles, pudding, and ice cream. He isn't minding that!