Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dare Ya!

So, I have a challenge for all of you who read my blog! If you don't have a blog of your own, I challenge you to start one! It is SO easy! And isn't it a great way of keeping in touch? Come on Angie, Maria, Emma, Erin, Amy, Naomi, I know you can do it! I would love to have more blogs to read! Also, if there are blogs that you read often and you would like to share, I would love more blogs to visit! It is an addiction! I am waiting for those new blogs! Join us!


Munster Maria said...

I liked reading without recognition.
Oh well.
My sister in law got me going with her blog.
I check it all the time.
She has a blog listed on her page that I love:
Then when I got yours and Rich's blog addresses i was delighted ...how cool!
soon I will run out of bookmark space.
I enjoy that your entries have picked up the pace.
Tell Rich to step up.
As for me writing my own blog... I do not have time. I am too busy reading everyone else's.
Hee Hee.
PS. Love the jewelry. Thinking of ordering some for May birthdays and for Lisa's graduation.
PPS. Our love to Emma, Brian and the boys!

Kristi Heinz said...

Yeah, Amy let the cat out of the bag :0) I LOVE to know who is reading! I am glad you are enjoying it. How did you get my blog? I know Rich's is out there....but I thought mine was sorta quiet.

The blog you visit doesn't show up for me. Is there something missing int he url? I would love to read it!

I will tell the "o" family you send your love. It has been DEVISTATING! She was an inch from no longer being with us. We thank God daily that we have her here on earth....thankful for us. She is taking it slow. She probably will be off her feet for about 8 weeks. Not easy. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Munster Maria said...

is the address.
I first got there by going through my sister in law's blog. Then I added it as a bookmark/favorite
Here is her blog:


Cut and paste it in your browser and then find Not Quite June on the far right side.
It worked for me.
My sister in law refers to me as "4H Champ"...if you read any of her posts.
Check out the Chicago Trib Peep contest that she writes about. She gives a link.
How I got your blog....Rich sent out a mass e mail to us that listed both of your blogs so that is how I found out about it.
Your tea sounds fun!
I hope it goes well.
Any Disney Advice..????? We are going in June.