Monday, March 10, 2008

How Does One Improve Their Veins?

Okay, this morning, I went to the doctor for the regular blood draw to monitor blood sugar and check on my thyroid changes. First of all....we were on a two hour delay! That means I COULD have slept in. No, I had to get my blood drawn at 7:30 a.m. I made an early appointment so that I would not be too late for school. UGHHHH!!!!! Then, they had to stick me FIVE times to get my blood. I have these really deep veins that tend to roll. They usually don't even go for the arm. I usually get a baby needle in my hand or wrist. The wrist REALLY smarts! I drank TONS of water before going there to try and help the process. I sit down and the girl tells me that she just got a hard stick on the first try, so I am feeling pretty happy about this. Well, she tried once in my left hand. No luck. She fished and fished, but no chance of a drop of blood comming out. Next the second lady tried. She did once in the right hand and once in the left hand. Still no blood. The next lady comes in. She tries my wrist. She fishes around A LOT! No blood. Finally, they called someone in from the lab. This made me nervous. The last time a lab lady took my blood she squeezed 3 viles out of my finger drop by drop! This lady was better! She got it right away! She even got it from my arm! I wrote down her name! I told her I would be asking for her next time!

Does anyone know of anything I can do to help my little rolling pipes along for the next stick? I have tried lots of water, breathing to relax, they have used heat, squeezing a ball.....what next? I will take any advice anyone wants to offer!

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