Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, we are finally getting the snow I have been wishing for. They say we could get up to 14 inches. We will see what happens. Our county has actually declared a state of emergency because of whiteout conditions when driving. No one is to be out on the road unless there is an emergency until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I am just sad that Ben is sick and cannot go out and play in it. Maybe it will stay around until he is better! It really is beautiful.

Ben still had a fever in the 100's today. At one point it was 102. This bug is not a fun one! Hopefully we will be over the fever stuff tomorrow. He mostly just laid around today. So did we! We all enjoyed a lazy day catching up on some needed rest! It was good! Tomorrow will need to be a more productive day though! It is a rare thing for me to not accomplish much in a day. I feel guilt. Rich tells me to get over it! Thankfully he went out at six this morning and got more Tylenol for Ben. We would have been out if he had not!

I hope you are all safe and cozy and have enjoyed your day too!


Angie said...

Hi. Hope Ben is feeling better today. We are snowed in over here! They boys are having a blast outside playing in the stuff. I am so glad that they decided to reschedule DI, but of course it's my luck that it got moved to the weekend I'm suppose to run a 10K. So we will see if I will be able to run at 8:30 get done by 9:30 and get to IUS by 10:00 to meet my team. Maybe it's just wishful thinking....

By the way do you know if Terri's daughter ended up getting married yesterday? When the snow started to fall I thought about how upset I would be. Hope all went well for them.

Have a great weekend.

Glenda said...

Did you get the 14 inches? If so, I think that might be more than we've had all winter season! Of course we have had very, very cold weather all season. The fishing guy on the radio this am said that when he dug a hole this morning he was able to get through without adding an extension to his auger. That means the ice was 36 inches thick! And last year the lakes weren't even frozen over enough to be on them till about end of January early February. Funny how it works from one year to the next.

hope Ben is better today.

Kristi Heinz said...

We ended up with about 10 inches here. Ben was so bummed that he could not go out and play in it. Rich took him to the doctor today and he has just gotten over the flu (they have a test for that) and now has a sinus infection. Yuck. I am staying home with him tomorrow.