Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Loving Civilization!!!!!

We are at our Fairy Godmother's house visiting. We always have a wonderful time here!

Southern Indiana is a lovely place to live. It is peaceful. It is a wonderful community where Christianity is important. We have such lovely scenery. The view out of our kitchen window is like a Norman Rockwell painting. I will take a photo and post it sometime. However, I LOVE being in the city. It is the Chicago girl in me! Today we went shopping. It didn't know where to go first. There was a HUGE JoAnn's fabric, Barnes and Noble's, TJ Maxx, World Market, and a HUGE mall, not to mention tons of other stores, all right next to each other. Down the road is a Michael's, which I love. I visited two bead shops! It is AMAZING! The shopping is great. Maybe God placed us away from all of that because He knows how much I love to shop!

We have nice shopping in Louisville, but we never have the time to get there and then do everything we want to do. I long to live near a big city. Country life is nice, but I believe I am still a city mouse at heart.

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