Monday, May 3, 2010

My Kind of Town

In just three months I can say that we have been back "home" in Chicago for a year. Can you even believe that? Time sure flies! One would think that after nine months, my excitement of being her would die down a bit....but it has not at all! I LOVE this city.

When Rich and I visited with Ben a year ago, I was a bit overwhelmed by the city. I wasn't quite sure I wasn't more of a suburban kind of girl, but I was SO wrong! Every day I find something else I love about living here.

For starters, I am loving all of the wonderful grocery shopping! I don't get excited about shopping for clothes anymore....I love looking for new and different things to cook. I am cooking so much more now that we are here too. I suppose it is because I live so close to so many places to shop! I don't have to drive 15 or 20 minutes just to hit the local Wal-Mart. I can hit the fruit market or Polish deli in just a matter of blocks. AMAZING! The variety is wonderful, and being able to get things fresh is also fantastic! On top of all of that, I think that groceries are actually cheaper here in the "expensive" city. There is so much competition...I believe that helps. I love it!

I love that there are so many things we can do that cost us almost nothing! With a Chicago public library card we have access to passes to all kinds of museums and zoos and things! You have to catch the passes while they are in, but we have taken advantage of the Art Institute and the Shedd Aquarium already. We cannot wait to use them more this summer!

I love that there are sidewalks and neighbors! I love walking to the neighbors for a fire in the evening, or letting Ben ride his bike in the neighborhood! It is so very nice to be someplace with sidewalks to take walks on. Silly? I think not!

Finally, only because my gushing cannot go on forever, I am so thankful for an area where people are so excited to grow and learn. My book club is one example of this. We have about 12 members each month, sometimes fewer. I have read about book clubs online. Many talk about how they get together and talk about the book for about five minutes and spend the rest of the time eating and visiting. We really do talk about the book! Usually for about an hour. Everyone has such interesting things to add. Bible class...oh I love bible class....people ask questions and share knowledge! It is so wonderful!

I miss our friends in Lanesville.....but I love this city! Some have already come to visit and say they really enjoy it, but would never want to live here. Not me....this is my kind of town!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things I Love

I purchased a book that is kind of a fill in the blank autobiography. I had to make a list of 100 things I love. My friend Maria asked me to post them here on my blog. I will do them 25 at a time starting from the top. They aren't in any particular order. Just as they came to my mind. I thoguth it would be more interesting to put pictures to go with them. Hope you enjoy! I would love to know your 100 favorite things!

1. God
2. Ricj
3. Ben
4. Snow
5. Ribbon Candy
6. Making Jewely
7. Sweaters

8. CJ Banks

9. Entertaining

10. Chi Tung
11. My Family

12. Disney
13. Davie
14. Big Band Music
15. Men Singing

16. Being a mom
17. Paper

18. Rubber Stamps
19. Hot Pink
20. Lime Green
21. Italian Food
22. Chicago
23. Shoppimg
24. Hobby Lobby
25. Singing

Christmas Open House

Some of you were not able to attend our Holiday Open I thought I would post it for you! We will do the main floor first. Next will be the upstairs, which includes Rich's study, Ben's room, our bedroom and the bathroom. Finally we will end up in the basement. I didn't take pictures of the laundry and storage room! Can you believe I didn't put up any decorations in there :0) Hope you enjoy!