Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby "Huff"

My dear friend Amy is currently at the hospital in labor with their son Matthew. I am praying that all goes well for mommy and baby! I am excited that it is most likely that this little one will be born on my birthday! Please pray for them with me!

My friend Rebekah is VERY close to delivery also. I am praying for her today too. I know how difficult it is to wait at this point of the game. I was hoping both would be born on my birthday, but little baby Koester will have to get going if she is going to arrive today! :0)

We start Spring Break today! This is a great birthday gift. It is time for a break. We all have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

I am having a lovely day. I have enjoyed German Chocolate cup cakes made by my principal, gifts from my students (a plant, itunes card, and beautiful shells!) I got some lovely tea items from my dear friend Angie. I cannot wait to try them out! My friend Sherrie gave me a gift card to my favorite coffee joint. That is always a treat! My husband gave me tea, some Vera Bradley items to match my purse, and some great tea books. Ben gave me a Willow Tree angel holding a heart. It is sweet. And, my secret pal gave me some cute planters with disney characters on them. Davie got me a billfold to match my purse and some money to go with it :0) My mom got me a cute green and white checked shirt and some cash! What wonderful blessings! I had lunch with my mom at Olive Garden, my all time favorite. We are now home for a peaceful night inside. It is not a nice day. Just rainy!

Today I thank God for 41 wonderful years full of many blessings. I thank Him for loving family and friends. What a great life I have!


Munster Maria said...

We have a baby!
Matthew Issac
Praise God!

Jessica said...

Oh goodness, it was your birthday?!
Happy birthday Kristi!!!!! It sounds like it was a wonderful birthday for you! God's blessings to you!


Katrina said...

Sorry I missed your birthday...sounds like it was great.

Like what you (and Tyler) are doing to your site. Your bathroom looks nice too!