Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Time Flies!

It seems like just yesterday that I was flying to Indianapolis on my last day of school to see my new niece Tori. I lived with my brother and his wife and took care of her in the summer. I have always cherished and she has always been "my girl". I cannot believe that she is going to be an eighth grader next year! I cannot believe that she sat down this week and showed me things on my phone that I never knew were there. I cannot believe that we go shopping for Vera Bradley purses together! Time does fly! I have enjoy seeing her over break. I wish we were able to see each other more. I know that we would be all crafty together! Hey Tori, I went to a HUGE JoAnn's Fabrics today. Cool store! You were right that it is a fun place! I wish we would have went together.

God never gave me a daughter, and I am okay with that....sometimes :0) I will say this though, no matter how big she gets, she will always be my girl, even if she doesn't let me play with her hair anymore!


Tdtori said...

Wow! Thats pretty cool!

Katrina said...

It better not have been the large Jo Ann's in Evansville since you didn't call me!!

BTW, Ben Franklin's (in Evansville) is going out of business. EVERYTHING must go. Just in case you're in town...