Friday, January 18, 2008

Yelling at the TV

I have never been one to yell at my TV. My Uncle Wayne always yelled at ballgames, but my dad was never into it like that. Maybe a few rare moments I have. Maybe at Simon on Idol. That is a possibility. But this is a rare thing for me to do. Well, I yelled at my TV last night.

I watch ER. I should stop. Their left winged political agenda always makes me so very angry. I've been watching it since it started though, and I just cannot give it up. Last night they hit Religion. They have this wacky "chaplain", if that is what you want to call her. She believes that everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. There is a higher power...whoever you want to think that power is, well goody for you. She makes me angry. She makes my husband furious. (Check Higher Things in a week or so and I bet there will be an article about this particular episode!) Well, last night this man has cancer and is dying. He used to work at a prison. His job was injecting the drug to those who have been given the death penalty. Well, I won't address my feelings on the death penalty right now, but he was dealing with major guilt for what he had done. He killed one man who ended up being proven to be innocent. It took two rounds of drugs to kill him. He believed God was trying to send him a message and he didn't listen. So, he is needed forgiveness, but he cannot seem to be able to accept the forgiveness that God is so willing to freely offer to us. Anyway, the "chaplain chick" comes in to talk with him. She starts this whole mumbo-jumbo about some god out there. He becomes furious with her! He tells her that he won't listen to her "new age, god is love, buffet of higher beings" junk. (this is not a direct quote) I am shouting, "You go!" Then, this "chaplain chick" talks about who can have any certainty about absolute truth. I am yelling, "I can, I can!" Man, what a show! They just get crazier all the time. I guess it is just giving us good opportunity to witness about our faith! Check out Higher Things next week, I am sure my husband will address this whole episode much more eloquently that I!

Have a great weekend everyone! We are off to St. Louis. Pray for our safety!

Thanks for taking my class Angie!


Angie said...

O.K. I told myself that I was only going to read a paragraph a day since you were not going to update for a few days. Well needless to say that didn't happen. I am so pathetic......Hello my name is Angie and I am a blog addict. Hehe.

As far as E.R. goes we use to watch that all the time, then it got way to leftwinged for us and we haven't watched in years. Can't really say I miss it either.

By the way Dimitri was just in awe this evening...he was looking over my shoulder as I was reading your blog tonight and he said "WOW! Dominik come look, Mrs. Heinze, Pastor and Ben are on the internet, they must be fancy!" Now the word "fancy" for Dimitri means someone well known or famous and even rich. Here is a little side story, he loves wearing a robe instead of pj's and when he first got it he looked at me and said "Mama do I look like a fancy person? Did you even know that fancy people wear robes?" Interesting...I never thought about it.

Hope all goes well for you and your family this weekend. You will all be in our prayers. Have a safe trip back.

Oh by the way, one more thing. Be prepared to answer why they kill and eat dogs in China when you get back on Monday. I felt like if I kept trying to explain it that the poor kids were all going to need therapy before to long.

Kristi Heinz said...

Okay, not a post Angie, just a comment to your comment.

I am so proud to be fancy. I have always wanted to be fancy! I will post a picture of Dominik and Dimitri soon and then they can be fancy too! Maybe we will take a picture of their hands at the start position at our next lesson.

I am not sure that I am going to be able to allow you to be my sub if you set them up for questions about dog killing and eating! LOL! How did this whole conversation get started? Were they good yesterday? I was hoping for a few more details!

The left winged mentality of ER does drive me batty. I don't know why I cannot stop watching, I just can't. I am weak!

I think you need to enter a 12 step blog addiction program!

Angie said...

AAAAHHHH....even though it's not a "blog entry" I'll take it. When are you going to post other sites to go to......UUUHHHH I do sound addicted don't I....anyone know of a good 12 step. Hello my name is Angie........

Well the whole dog thing stared by that book with the cute baby on it. Madison was looking at it during silent reading and came across the "dog" picture and was horrified. Then all of a sudden everyone was up and looking at this "dog" picture. So I thougt O.K. I can handle I sat them all down and tried to reason with them. I said "hey, we kill and eat deer here in the States, some people think that is just awful" then Maddie says "yeah, but deer are not pets, well except for the one my dad had, but they are not regular pets" o.k. this is going to be tricky, but I can do this. So then I said "How many of you like bacon and hamburgers?" EVERYONE raised their hands. And I was feeling good about this...I said "well those are pigs and cows that are killed and we eat" Everyone looks shocked and someone in a little whisper says "Wilber" (I took that as Charoltts Web) after everyone heard that, I got a bunch of these comments "I am going to be president when I grow up and not let anyone kill animals" and "yeah when I'm president I'm going to blow up China" that is when I realized you know I think I'm not helping this situation I need to have Mrs. Heinz come in Monday and clean up my mess....UHMMM I mean clarify my open discussion I was having with the children. Sorry. But it was the books fault. Yeah thats it. The book! Well I won't even tell you about the "naked" picture they came across (that darn book).

O.K. well I better stop now before I'm barred from the school...

But really they were really good for the most part, we had a relly good day. I graded some of the papers but left a few for you that I wasn't sure about. I was proud of Kassi and Dominik...when they were doing their memory test they both came to me and told me that a word was wrong. It should be pray instead of prayer. It shows that they really knew it! Dominik also got 14 out of 16 on spelling (he got the straight words wrong) but I was proud of him, I think the word searches are helping. Thanks!

O.k. I better stop before people think this is my blog...ha ha.