Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am not sure there are many people who have as much stuff as I do. Okay, that is probably an over exaggeration, but I DO have a lot of stuff. Ask the person who is currently cleaning my house, she will tell you that I have a lot of stuff. (Yeah, I know. This is a luxury that I will soon have to give up when I am not pulling in the $$$$ and have no excuse for not having the time to do it myself. Actually, I won't mind doing it when I have the time to do it.) Anyone who has been in my studio will say that I have enough stuff to open a craft store. When my cousin Amy came and helped me redecorate my kitchen she would "go shopping" in my basement. Yes....I have a lot of stuff.

Currently I am trying to downsize. This is a BIG task! I am working to organize my studio. It is CRAZY! But I cannot wait until it is tidy and a more efficient place to work! I cannot go to sleep because ideas for organization are swimming in my head. The other night I forgot about trying to go to sleep and went in and worked in there. Now, it has caught up with me! I am exhausted. One of my students looked at me today and said, "Mrs. Heinz, you look tired." Pretty sad huh? Well, tonight I have to give up working in there because I will be cleaning so my cleaning lady can come tomorrow. Yeah I know. Crazy. Soon I will post the mess that will someday in the near future be a lovely studio that I will be proud to take anyone into!


Kristi Heinz said...

There....are you happy Angie? Have I given you a fix for the day? Brace yourself....I will be out of town for the weekend!

Angie said...

AAAHHHHH....much better thank you. What?? Whoo, whoo, A whole weekend without an update? That can't be..... Hey! Wait a second, who said you can't bring your laptop along? I'll be looking forward to my update after all right?

Now you can go and get some well deserved sleep. Nite.