Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not as Planned

Isn't it funny how you spend your time planning, and one little twist turns everything upside down. As a pastor's family, this happens often. You get used to it. But, when I have things all planned out, I am unhappy when it all changes at a blink of an eye.

Today's plans were as follows:
1. Go to Sunday School
2. Worship at 10:30 a.m. Divine Service
3. Make breakfast for lunch for the family
4. Attend the funeral of a member at St. John's
5. Take Ben to Youth Group
6. Go to a planning meeting for a group Disney Cruise in 2009

Ben woke up with the gunk that I had been dealing with all week. I think he maybe has it worse. I didn't have the green stuff. EWWWW. So.....we did not attended Sunday School or the Divine Service. I ran to the funeral home while Rich was home for about and hour. I picked up some meds. for Ben on the way home. We all got our own lunch. Rich had soup, Ben had toast and applesauce, and I had leftovers of this and that. Not the yummy breakfast I was planning.
The rest of my day will be spent at home. I have made some cards that will be put in sets of homemade cards that will be given away at the Katie Retreat (Our IN district Pastor's wives retreat) I fixed some broken jewelry for people and made some things that they ordered. I put together kits that deaconess Pat Nuffer will be using during her talk at the Katie Retreat. I will soon be working on catching up at putting my grades online.

Soon, the funeral will start at church. The bells have just started ringing. I can see the tent all set up for the burial right outside the window from where I am typing now. I will probably watch the graveside service from here, and offer up prayers of strength for the family. Is it strange that I watch? I usually do if I am at home and not at the funeral, which isn't often.

I guess it is not an awful day. It will be productive. It just isn't what I had planned.


Angie said...

Hope Ben is feeling a little better. I think that is one of the boys favorite part of lessons is getting to play with Ben.

If you could email me the pictures at


Davina said...

Hi Kristi- I needed to read this tonight. It is Ash Wednesday, and Shawn is offering cross shaped ashes on the forehead for the first time ever at our church, and I really wanted to be there. But Caleb is sick, and I am home. I love your positive attitude about making the best out of circumstances, even when plans are changed outside our control.