Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

So, after two weeks of break, it is time to go back to work! I just am not ready for this! I love my kids, but I am just not ready. I SO enjoyed the time off! It was wonderful to be home with Ben and Rich when he wasn't working. I loved cooking, playing on the computer, making jewlery, and enjoying our time together! I hope I will be able to keep up my blogging.

The past three days have been enjoyable. On Friday we took Ben to Barnes and Nobles and Build a Bear. He had a ball! He got several books and has already finsihed reading one! He got some adorable pajamas for his Elephant Meso and also a jean jacket hoodie. I could have spent a ton of money there! What a fun place!

Saturday we just hung out as a family. I spent time working on report cards and jewelry. Ben sat nearby reading. Rich was busy all day on the computer. We had a lovely fire and enjoyed the day!

Tonight we went to the circuit pastor's Epiphany party. It was lovely. We spent a lot of time visiting. I made plans to carpool with several others to our Katie retreat in February. I love the pastor's wives retreat. It is so relaxing. I will be leading a workshop on making 23rd psalm bracelets.

So, now it is time to hit the sack and come to the realization that tomorrow is coming wether I like it or not. I am sure it will be great once I am there!

Happy Monday to everyone!

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