Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Luther Rose Bracelets

I have been wanting to design a bracelet based on the Luther Rose for some time now. The difficult part has been finding the Luther Rose charms. I have found them, but they are not cheap! The bracelets will have a Luther Rose charm hanging from it. It will be attached to a card with the Luther Rose on it and an explanation of what the colors and symbols stand for. Which design do you like the best? I just cannot decide. I like one a bit more than the others, but I am wondering what everyone else thinks.
I will be at our Katie Retreat (Indiana District's Pastor's Wives Retreat) and I want to debut them there. I am also hoping to get them into the CPH catalog. I am not so sure how that will go, but what do I have to lose?
Tell me what you think! Thanks!


The Other Pastor's Wife said...

I like the first bracelet that you listed the best. But whichever design you choose I think they'll be a big hit at the Katie Retreat next month!!

Kat said...

The first one got my attention, but I don't think I would like wearing it. All the colors would always be on the "bottom".

I'm leaning towards the last bracelet. I liked the arrangelment and spacing of the colors, and how they went all around the wrist.

It was hard to decide. The last few were similiar, and I really couldn't see much more than one bracelet at a time. I'd like to see them together to be sure.

Jessica said...

Hi Kristi,

Your Jewelery is beautiful! We had such a wonderful time with you and your family this evening. Can't wait to get to know you better! See you next Sunday.