Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Second Favorite Gift This Year!

The first kitty in the picture is Elle....which Ben named because he is big and gray like an elephant. We have had him for about 5 years now. Hard to believe. He is a really nice cat. He doesn't get into anything and is quiet, but he is not loveable. He WILL NOT sit on your lap and let you pet him. Occassionally he will hop up on the bed and let you pet him, but that is about his limit. He is VERY independent.

I was longing for a lap kitty. I wanted a sweet kitty that would sit on your lap and let you love it. I had asked for one for Christmas. I had actually been asking for one for months. I was pretty sure Rich did not have it in his plans to get me a kitty for Christmas.

In late November this sweet little orange cat started showing up around church and school. He would follow everyone around. At first I thought he probably belonged to someone who lived on our road. There are a lot of cats out here in the country. Weeks went by and you would see him around at all hours of the day. He would greet you as you came to school in the mornning, he would greet you as you left choir in the evening, he would be back by the dumpster when you threw out the trash, he was always around. One night, after choir, we decided we would bring him home and put him in the garage because it was going to be very cold that night. He let us pick him up right away. He was not afraid at all. When we arrived home I brought him in to give him some attention. He sat on my lap for over an hour and let me pet him. He was just so very sweet.

We then decided to keep him and named him Luther, although Ben was the only one that called him that, Rich and I call him Orange Kitty. He is quite plump and very soft. I began to wonder if we were wrong, that this cat may be a girl. I invited our friend and fellow teacher over to take a look. He knows a bit about all animals and most plants too. He agreed that it was most likely a girl. This puts the Luther name out of the running! Ben decided we should then name it Katie since it was a girl and that was Luther's wife's name. We agreed, but we all still call her Orange Kitty!

She is sweet and will let you pet her for hours. Elle and she irritate each other. Often she lays in front of the door to the room where the food is so he cannot get in. He will chase her endlessly so that she cannot relax in "his" spots. They do seem to have fun together too. Elle enjoys the company I believe. Orange Kitty seems very happy to have a family!

Now, we must get her to the vet and have everything taken care of. We are pretty confident she is not pregnant. She is getting smaller instead of bigger. I believe she had just put a warm layer on to keep herself warm. I also believe that her size had a bit to do with the hot dogs she was given after basketball games and the sandwiches the janitor was sharing with her! I pray she is not a momma....I wanted a new cat, but not new cats!

I told Rich she was sent by God to our church so I could have my Christmas wish. He says she was dumped by someone that felt guilty getting rid of her and knew someone at the church would have a soft heart! Whatever the case may be, I love her and she is a favorite gift this Christmas!

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Kat said...

Orange Kitty?? Someone as creative as you, and you call the sweet thing Orange Kitty? Sounds like a smoothie with a hair ball!

Okay, just kidding - the smoothie part, anyway. :-D I am glad you got your kitty.

We have a great lap cat, but unfortunately I can't let him in the house. At least he's not supposed to come in the house! And for a such a loveable cat, he's turned out to be a bully cat in the neighborhood! At least he hasn't brought home any little dogs yet!

Have fun with your blog.