Thursday, January 3, 2008

A year of good health!

2007 was a tough year! I had a root canal, two surgeries, and the scare of a possible third!

Last year's Christmas was disappointing. We were supposed to go to St. Louis to celebrate with my family at my cousin Amy's house. On Christmas Eve I ended up at the Urgent Care Center with strep throat. So, no solo on Christmas Eve, no playing the piano for the choir, no directing the hand bell choir, and no trip to St. Louis.

I actually got to attend the Easter services, but that afternoon before going to my mom's for Easter dinner I had some terrible pain. I finally told Rich that he as going to have to take me to the ER. Come to find out, I had a 19 mm gall stone! They said it needed to be removed surgically. It went well besides being put out and coming to. They waited FOREVER to put me out and I had some terrible chills as I came to. Overall, it was an easy surgery.

In June I came down with another case of strep throat. For the second time in a year I had to have a shot AND drugs to get rid of it. My doctor said it was time to look into having my tonsils removed. I visited an INT and he said it would be wise to have them removed. So, on our 10th Anniversary, out they came. I was TERRIFIED of this surgery. Every time I told someone I was getting them taken out I got an "oooooooh". But everything went beautifully! So far, I've done great and have not even had a sore throat!

Then, in October, I was at the doctor for an infection. Come to find out, my blood sugars were WAY out of whack. My doctor put me on some new medication and took some blood samples. From those tests he found my thyroid counts were off. He ordered some tests for me. I was terrified that it could be cancer. My Aunt Marilyn had thyroid cancer. When I went for my nuclear pill the lady that gave it to me convinced me that I was going to have it removed with nuclear radiation and that I would have to be in a room by myself for about 11 days. I just knew that was how I was going to spend my holidays!

When the tests were finished they decided things were not NEARLY as bad as it could be and all that we need to do at this point is watch and do a series of blood test. On top of that, my blood sugar is improving every day! My endocrinologist will be keeping tabs on things and will possibly take me off of some of the diabetes medications.

So, we are praying that 2008 is a healthy year for me! I am working hard to make that a reality but making good life choices! You all can help keep me on track if I seem to slip! Thanks.

Thank you Rich, my dear sweet husband, for being so patient and heplful through all of this drama. You are WONDERFUL! I could not have done it all without your love and support. Ben, thanks for understanding when I didn't always feeling like doing fun things with you. You are the best boy any mom could dream of! I love you both!

Share with me your hopes and goals for 2008!

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