Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Idol" Chat

I am a big American Idol fan. The first few years I teased the people that watched it. Then, season 5 rolled around and I was hooked after the first audition. I had Taylor Hicks picked from his first audition. I know he hasn't made it as big as Kelly, but I loved his soulful sound and originality. I hated it when Simon told him he looked like he was drunk at a wedding. We had a party for the finale for two years now and are having one at the beginning and the end this year. It is like the Superbowl for those of us who even have a clue how football is even played!

Well, today I want to write about the auditions. I was bothered by one contestant last night. His wife is in labor, her water had broken, and he would miss his audition. Okay, what was he doing at the audition in the first place? He had no business getting himself involved in something that was going to take him away from his new baby for months! What is the problem with these people? Is it more important to have your 5 minutes of fame than be with your new family? He wasn't wonderful, but he wasn't bad either. It was not like he there just to get a laugh and say he made it onto TV. I really believe he thought he would make it. On top of that, he seemed like a pretty down to earth guy. I mean, he wasn't wearing fake fingernails or paraphernalia that says how much he loves Simon....just a normal every day guy who was willing to miss the first few months of his daughters life to give it a shot at fame and fortune. Well, he already has his fame and fortune, a new beautiful baby girl. She was beautiful too! But what in the world were they doing taking her to Idol auditions a day after she was born? What has this world come to?
Finally, would it be so wrong to be allowed to hear a few of the contestants that made it through? Why won't they let us hear what they call "good"? I am tired of the craziness. A little is entertaining, but why does the entire show have to be about laughing at people and making fun of them? Again, I say, what is this world coming to? Do Americans really find more joy in seeing someone humiliated rather than listening to a great performance?


Angie said...

OOOOOO a party??? I want to come....does it matter that we don't watch Idol?

By the way, where is my friendship bread? Sounds good to make this weekend.

Kristi Heinz said...

Your friendship bread was in the office last week on Friday. If you didn't get it I don't know who took it. I ended up not going through with the other start I had. Sorry.

You are invited to the party if you are an idol watcher. We can't just have any old football fans there ruining the fun for us geeks. LOL!