Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Our beautiful Fontanini nativity set that my beloved started before we were married and we continue to add to. (This is just a small portion of the set.)
My hutch of adorable Christmas dishes from my cousin Jill!

These cute little penguins are a new addition this year!

Gord snowmen from a former student and my cousin Amy.

Well, I knew I would say this, but the day went better than I had anticipated. My troop was all happy and ready to share about their Chrsitmas! It is always amazing to me how much they grow in two weeks! Amazing!
It was good to be sitting in morning opening, praying together, reciting chatechism, learning from our pastors, it is a very good thing! I am still kicking a bit about going back, but it was nice to be with the kids.
We began our unit on China and the giant pandas today. I love this unit! Our internet system is still down at school so we were not able to go to the live panda cam.....hopefully tomorrow. They always love that.

It is now time for the dreaded taking down of decorations. I thought I would post a few of my favorite items before I take them down. I will have a little bit of Christmas on my blog all year!

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