Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Sky is Falling!

We just got back from shopping. While we were out it snowed. A whopping 1/4 inch I would guess. The people here are FREAKING OUT! It has cracked me up for the 10 years we have been here in Sunny Southern Indiana. People were going about 30 mph on the interstate. Craziness! I suppose, in their defense, there are a lot of hills and twisting roads, but come on! If we weren't on Christmas break, I am sure that we would be tuning in to the TV to find out if school was going to be canceled in the morning. I am confident we would at lest be on a 2 hour delay. I will never forget the winter when we had a snow day because it was supposed to snow! No kidding! It never snowed. These southern folks just don't get snow. I miss Chicago! I really do. At least in the winter. Sorry southern friends....love you all...but that is just the way it is!


Kat said...

You better move back north soon... I think I've lived "south" far too long. If I'm not careful, I'll become as bad as everyone else! Or maybe it's an age thing?? lol

BTW, in Arizona they/we were like that during the monsoons in August! Seriously! Nobody knew how to drive in the rain...

Jessica said...

You know how I feel about this!

We were destined to be friends my northern buddy!