Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today we went to the ball field for the afternoon. Brian and Emma's boys both had their first baseball game, we went to be supportive. It was a fun afternoon. Emma was determined to see her boys play their first games, I don't blame her at all!! So, Brian wheeled her out in the mud and gunk. It actually appeared to go much more simply that I had imagined it would. So, Emma was positioned in a place where she could see her boys without sinking into the mud. I cannot tell you how many people walked up to the fence and stood right in front of her so she could not see at all. Okay, maybe it wasn't that many....maybe 4 or 5.....but it seemed like a TON! Could they not see her and the wheelchair, and her leg sticking out? Could they not see that she couldn't move to see around them? Did they even notice her there at all? How many times are we oblivious to the things going on around us? It made me think about myself and how aware I am. I am sure I could be better, more considerate. I will work on this!


Jessica said...

I am glad that Emma was able to go to the game! What a blessing. Your post does make me think. I am sure that there are times when I am totally oblivious! Something to work on. Have a good week and we will catch up when I get back.

Michael said...

I was astonished to hear that Emma had such an accident! I am really extremely happy to hear she made it out with the injuries she did, and not worse ones! God was with her that is definitly for sure!!!That is really nice for her to get to see her boy's play ball. I can't believe people would stand in front of her, but oh well. Hope to hear back from you, I am glad I can talk to you on something such as this! May God bless you and keep you safe in his presence!

Kristi Heinz said...

Michael, welcome to the blog world! Thanks for stopping by and checking my site out! I look forward to reading yours! God's peace be with you also!