Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amazing Boys!

Last weekend we spent our time in Indy for the Destination Imagination competition. Ben's group did not advance to state, but one team did. The boys are all freinds of Ben's, so he and Rich went along while I judged. These 7 boys really amazed us all! They were so great! At Conner Prairie we had a picnic lunch. While we were eating, some of them started a contest to see who could do the best a reciting this week's catechism passages. They happened to be about confession. Our school-wide morning openings have made an impact bigger than you sometimes imagine!

Then, we were at dinner. The waiter at Friday's offered to put all the children in a huge booth, and the parents at a different table. It sounded nice. However, we could not see the children because of a wall at the back side of the booth. This made us a bit apprehensive, it was seven boys and a girl under the age of 10. The staff assured us they would take good care of them. We still sent someone over every few minutes to check on them. I saw their food coming and went to pray with them. They had already started praying! I was so very impressed! It was a wonderful weekend!

They even left the swimming pool without complaining when it was time to get ready for the next day's activities.

It made me stop and think about these children. I was thinking about the 3rd and 4th graders in our school in general. I was also thinking about Ben, he is, after all, supposed to be in the 4th grade. Their faith is such an amazing priority to them at this stage in life. They are not bogged down with all the social pressures....they are little sponges. I wish our church started communing at an earlier age. These children seem so much more focused on their Savior then our confirmands sometimes appear to be. They aren't too cool to share their faith. They are not embarrassed to sing their praises. They are a breath of fresh air. Just my thoughts for the day!

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