Sunday, April 6, 2008

Could I Interest Anyone in a Spot of Tea ?

I've been known to throw a pretty darn good tea party, if I do say so myself. I haven't, however, had one in quite some time. I look forward to having more time on my hands to do that again more often!

Yesterday Rich and I cleaned out our pantry. YIKES!!!!! I should be embarrassed! There were many things in there that were no longer useable. That is not good. This is why one's pantry should not get so out of hand!

I discovered that I had SEVERAL packages of scone mix! I even have a nice variety of flavors. I know I have raspberry, lemon, and chocolate. I cannot remember the others. So, if your interested in sitting down to a spot of tea I can make you some lovely scones and even some homemade Devonshire cream to go with them! Just let me know and we will make a date! I might even whip up some special treats like the ones in the pictures! Yes, I did make these myself :0)


Angie said...

OHHHHH count me in....oink! Thats the Miss Piggy in me coming out:) Seriously it sounds wonderful.

Munster Maria said...

Wish I was right around the corner for a Heinz Tea Party!

Tyler Best said...

I AM right around the corner from a Heinz Tea Party! If your supplying desserts like the ones in the picture count me in :)

Tdtori said...

to bad i live to far away!! i would have loved to! looks good!