Sunday, April 20, 2008


I read Susan's blog and she talks about the need for her cats to hunt and roam the wild. Sometimes I feel guilty because I do not give that opportunity to my cats. Then, I realized yesterday that I do! There are many times the cats go and roam the basement. It IS an adventure down there! They often bring up mice they find. Ellie never kills them completely. He wants to get enjoyment out of them first! Yes, this freaks me out. I am not a country girl. I pretend to be one, but I AM NOT! Well, yesterday I was working in the kitchen and I see Orange Kitty playing with something. It looks like a large piece of black rope. Where did she get that? Then I realize that it is a snake! Grant it, it is not a huge snake. It is very thin and a little over a foot long. YUCK! It appears to be dead. Can they act as if they are dead? This I am unsure of! I hit it with a hoe and it freaked me out! Ben hit it again. It was dead. I bribed him to get rid of it outside. I just couldn't bring myself to pick it up! He used the tongs from the fireplace. Not fun. So last night I just kept dreaming we had snakes everywhere. I thank my hunter cats for conquering the beast, I just wish I didn't know there were any down there in the first place. Rich had opened some screened windows in the basement to air it out a bit, that is probably how it got in. Not a happy thing!

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Munster Maria said...

Kristi... I have a thought about this comment from your post...
" I am not a country girl. I pretend to be one, but I AM NOT! "
Years ago when you moved to Southern Indiana, you came to your new home with an energy and a willingness to learn.
I remember you collecting the materials to be used for canning and then USING them in a real and genuine way.
Perhaps years ago you had no farmgirl in you but I propose that you have been foverever altered.

The tranquility and simplicity of country life and sunsets in the hoosier hills and stars shining in black pitch hoosier night are something that you have genuinely embraced. :)
So I say "Here's to Kristi ... 85% City girl with 15% Country girl alive and well!