Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crafty not Artistic

I have always been a crafty person. In the 4th grade I got a large box of plaster of Paris figures and paints with brushes. Everyone got painted plaster as gifts. From that I went to latch hook. Were you a latch hooker? Why did we ever do that anyway? I also made the cute potholders from the loom. I was always up for crafting.
As an adult I got into cake decorating, card making, rubber stamping, scrap booking, painting, and of course jewelry. I have cross stitched also. I enjoy doing so many things! I have a good eye for color, if I do say so myself.
Even though I can craft my way through a thousand projects, I have never considered myself artistic. I cannot draw for the life of me. I don't have artistic handwriting. I also have not had an artistic flair for photography. My friend Katrina takes such cool artistic pictures. She, of course, was an art major. She is SO VERY artistic. I have been envious of her photography skills. Well, I think I finally took a pictures I would consider to be a bit artistic. I really love this picture. Ben is actually in an out-house. Tee Hee! So what do you think? Is there hope for me?

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Susan Buetow said...

Yes I love it!
Artistic is exactly what you are! Your play on colors is very artistic. I also have done all those craft projects you did! How about those lanyards? I remember making my first one in elementary school. I also remember all my latch hook rugs that I made into pillows -including MUSHROOMS!!!!! OHMY My girls love doing all those quriky crafts.