Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here in the south we get to start planting a bit earlier than y'all in the north! They usually advise waiting until Derby weekend (that is the Kentucky Derby, no need to say Kentucky here....it is the first weekend in May) but it has been so very warm we went ahead and planted. Daffodils and tulips are almost finished here. The red buds look beautiful. Our hostas are up and the leaves are even open. We have divided them and mulched around them already. We probably could have divided more, but that will have to wait for fall.

Yesterday we planted lettuce, herbs, and 7 pots of flowers. They all look so beautiful. I will get pictures soon. I just pray that it doesn't frost. It looks promising. The weather report looks perfect.

This weekend the garden gets plowed up and we will put in peas, lettuce, and cabbage. I am looking for kohlrabi plants. I cannot find any. I will have to order seeds next year and start them under lamps. I am still hoping to find them.

So, what are you planting? Don't you just LOVE getting those hands into the dirt?!?!?!?!?


Munster Maria said...

Kristi is a farmgirl!
I hate dirt.
Glad Rick loves to plant.

Jessica said...

You go girl! I am ashamed to admitt that I have never planted a garden. However, I did plant some flowers in the front of our yard last year. It is definitely something that I want to learn how to do though!

Glenda said...

Ack! You mean, I not only have to figure out how to eat more of them, I need to plant and grow them as well?!?! ;-D

Fortunately for me, there are several better gardeners in the congregation who generously share their bounty, and the farmers market just down the road helps to cover canning needs.

Kristi Heinz said...

Glenda, I think all those veggies are so much better fresh from the garden! We have a lot of memebers with gardens too, but I think Ben will really enjoy the experience, and it is good exercise! I am hoping to do some canning and freezing. I hope the summer goes as well as the spring is going. We have had perfect conditions. My apple and cherry trees appear to be loaded! Hope so!

You can grow fruit too! We have blackberries and strawberries. YUMMY! We have grapes too, but they have not done so great so far. Our blueberries doen't produce a tone either.

Susan Buetow said...

Honestly I can't believe that your weather has been that warm to put out all of that! Awesome for u!
We started our tomatoes,cherry tomatoes, g peppers, onions and every herb possible indoors. This weekend most all of it will go outdoors.
I usually do container garden but this year the tomatoes, onions and g peppers are going to our friends garden. We are doing it together and she has the space for it.
I'll have my own lettuce mixture and herbs and cherry tomatoes here at home.
Can't wait to start getting goodies. We pick b berries, strawberries (in a few weeks), other fruit and nuts all around the area.
Saddest day around our home was when our strawberry jam, salsa, spaghetti sause, g peppers, black berries, etc ran out this winter from our freezer!!!!