Monday, June 2, 2008

My Poor Sweet Baby Boy

On Saturday Ben had a birthday party to go to. He doesn't get invited to parties with kids in his class often. In fact, I cannot remember when the last one was. He has been invited to younger kid's parties, but not one with the kids in his class. It was Gabe's party. He is probably closer to Gabe than anyone else in the class. It was at a water park! This was a much anticipated event! Saturday morning rolls around and Ben gets up and just plops down on the couch, with a pillow and blanket. He stays there for quite some time. This is not Ben. Sitting at the computer for quite some time, okay, but THIS, nope, not Ben. So finally I ask, "Are you okay Ben?" His reply, "Yeah, just fine, why do you ask?" "Well, you normally don't just lay on the couch unless we make you," I reply. "Oh, I am just cold." It was 82 degrees that day. I let it go. And soon I hear sobbing. He had gotten up and gotten the thermometer to take his temperature. It was 103! He had not been feeling well and just didn't want to admit it. Needless to say, he did not go to the party. Many tears were shed.

Sunday he went to my mom's while we went to graduation parties. He had a headache, a bit of a tummy ache, but no sore throat, not until we arrived back to get him. Today he went to the doctor. He has strep and some strange virus that caused blisters in his throat and could cause blisters on his hands and torso. No school today, no class end-of-the-year-party tomorrow. Nope. He is at Grandma's again. Poor guy. Keep him in your prayers. The only good part is he isn't supposed to eat anything hot. He is supposed to stick to Popsicles, pudding, and ice cream. He isn't minding that!


Rebekah said...

Poor Ben always gets sick at the wrong time. Hope he's feeling better very soon. Give him a big hug for me.

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry about Ben being sick. I will be praying for him. Talk to you when we get back.

Joe said...

baby! nerd geek person!