Friday, June 13, 2008

Is it Really Summer Break?

Ben was discussing with us this morning over homemade cinnamon rolls via Brian O., (Yum-O!) that it really hasn't felt like summer break yet. I suppose this is because we have been on the run since school was out.

Let's see....Monday I spent the day at school working on report cards and permanent records. We took Ben to a late lunch at "Polly's Freeze" (a local favorite that has soft serve sherbet) because he had gotten straight A's. This was a major accomplishment. He had been pushing the high B's in Math all year. He worked really hard and made it over the hump! He is so bright in Math. It amazes me what he can do in his head. He despises putting everything down on paper. We worked on that this quarter and it paid off! VBS was in the evening, so there is day one.

Day two was spent cleaning out my classroom. We didn't get finished, but thanks to my good friend Angie, we are close! We came home so I could recover from what appeared to be some tainted food? VBS was again tonight. I was in charge of snacks. Rich and I made popcorn in the popper. It was fun. Day two is gone.

Wednesday I took Ben and some friends to the free movie. It was Veggie Tales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". The kids enjoyed it. We came back to school so I could help make 50 gallons of baked beans for Relay for Life. That was work! VBS was again tonight. I baked a birthday cake for my mom when we got back home.

Thursday was my mom's birthday. We took her to lunch and shopping. This was the last night of VBS. We also played cards with my mom and her friend.

Today I had blood work done this morning. I worked on dishes. Rich worked in the garden and on laundry. Ben cleaned his room and is leaving for the movies with a friend soon. Rich and I will be going back to school to finish my classroom.

Among all of this I have also managed to make a large pile of jewelry that I will deliver on Monday. YIKES! It really hasn't been much of a break yet. When do we get a day just to relax at home? Not tomorrow, we are going to a birthday party for my godson, Joshua, and then Rich has a meeting in the evening. (Why do these people think a meeting on Saturday night is a good idea?)

Sunday is Father's Day. We will go out to lunch after church and go to the zoo. We have been trying to get there for weeks!

Monday is jewelry day. Tuesday is packing. Wednesday we FINALLY leave for CCA. I think we will relax there! When does summer break start?

Hope yours has been exciting so far too!

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