Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Salesperson at K Heinz Designz!

On our way to Wisconsin we all decided we needed a potty break. The closest place Rich found for us to stop at was Starbucks (wink wink)! We odered our drinks. (Thanks Hailey! She gave me a Strabucks gift card for an end of the school year gift. We have been using a little here and a little there to make it last!) While the drinks were being made, I used the restroom. Ben and Rich were out talking to a barista who had taken her break. When I came back out the lovely barista asks to see some of my jewelry. Ben had told her that his mom owned a jewelry business! She loved it and asked for my card so she could come on and check it out. I didn't ask your name friendly barista, but if you check my site out I hope you liked what you saw! My new sales associate was paid that day with a double chocolate Frapachino. He is going to work out great!

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