Monday, May 26, 2008

Webkinz Addict

Hi, my name is Kristi, and I am a Webkinz addict.

Do your children have Webkinz? Ben loves them. He asks for them on his birthday, Christmas, etc. He has SEVERAL. If you don't know anything about them, BEWARE! The Ganz company is so smart. They have designed these stuffed animals that come with a code. You then take the code and log in online, and you get to adopt your stuffed animal. When you do, you get "money' to spend on Webkinz to take care of your pet and build them a room. It is crazy. You can earn more "money" by playing games. This is where I come in. From time to time I can get addicted to an online game. Ben introduced me to these games so that I can help him "earn money". There are many games at the arcade. You get to play them for free, and many are games that help you to learn. One particular game that my friend Angie, fellow closet Webkinz junkie, hooked me onto tests how fast you can type. I love this one.

We have had a very stressful time at school and church these last few weeks. I have turned to the Webkinz games for "therapy", but I think I need some help. I just cannot stop playing. I don't have time for this. I have too much to do to sit and play these silly games, but I just cannot stop. Ben and I have the same personality. We realized this a long time ago. We have to limit the time he plays on electronic games. He could sit and do it for hours. We developed a system where he has to read the amount of minutes that he in turn gets to play on some type of electronic game. We keep track of this on a digital bookmark with a timer. I think I need to develop the same system for myself. Maybe I have to do so many hours of housework to earn that amount of time playing on Webkinz. Wait, Rich and I worked in the garden planting for 3 hours today!!!!! Does that mean I get three hours of Webkinz time? Woo Hoo!!!!

Can anyone help me? Do you know of a support group or a 12 step program that I can sign up for? Could anyone be my sponsor?


Jessica said...

I don't know a 12 step program for you. LOL! Emma is just now starting to get into Webkins. I'll let you know how we like it. I hope your days are getting better. :-)

Munster Maria said...

I see what you mean.
I just tried three of the games tonight.
man oh man...
I am not very good so I kept saying
"Just one more cause I'm gonna get this."
It would have been best if I had never ventured into Webkinz Land.

Kristi Heinz said...

Hah! I am not alone. You can see how crazy it is. Don't do it! Don't go there! Turn away from the dark side!

Founder and Artist of Heinz Studios said...
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