Saturday, June 28, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

My friend Jessica asked her readers to blog with her occasionally about their new favorite things. I like this idea and I will be joining her! I hope you will join in too!

Jessica's new favorite thing was the T.V. show "John and Kate Plus 8" This is WAY one of my new favorite things also, but I won't blog about it since she did.

My new favorite thing is giant crab legs from the Kroger fish counter! I was walking by on Thursday and couldn't help noticing them. I asked the butcher how you even cook them. He told me that you cut them down the middle with a scissors and pull the meat out. All you have to do next is pop it in the microwave. He even demonstrated and gave me a sample. YUM-O! Now I had to buy some. I bought one big leg. It was a HUGE leg. It was also a huge price, but very worth it. Rich and I were able to make a meal out of the one leg. We had sides of course. It was SOOOOOOO good! The sticker price might shock you, but you will enjoy it!


Jessica said...

I love crab legs! You know, Maryland is famous for blue crabs. I keep saying I am going to bring them back sometime. If I do, we will need to have a crab feast. :-) I also make a mean cup of crab soup.

Angie said...

My new favorite thing is.....Moo Latte from DQ!

Where you at? I have sickies at home...but getting better. Yia Yia is coming to town this week. Call me when you get a minute to set something up. Miss talking to ya!