Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Louisville Stop #2

Glassworks is a neat place in Louisville to visit. They do many different kinds of work with glass. They have a lampwork studio, blowing studio, and a workshop for designing stained glass and working on building designs. They have made huge sculptures and did the windows on some amazing buildings. You are able to watch all of each process. There is a movie about the history and process of making glass. They also have a studio where you can make projects. It is a cool place. It is neat to go here and to Schmipff's in the same day. It is remarkable how similar the process for glass and hard candy is. Neat place! I do, however, have a thing for glass :0) It is hereditary!


Maria said...

We love Louisville!
Have you been to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville?
We went there for my birthday in 2007.
It is cool. Very unique and also featured on the Food Network.
I want to go and see the places that you suggested.
Rick and I love stained glass and blown glass so it sounds right up our alley.
And who doesn't like candy?
We also want to go to the creation museum outside
Cincinnati but still in Kentucky. It is supposed to be out of this world. Have you been? Have you heard of it?

Kristi Heinz said...

We have been to Lynn's. It's one of those places we only go to when we have people in from out of town. It is pretty expensive for going often.

We are going to the Creation Museum this summer. Ken, the mastermind of it all, spoke at the teacher's conference. I am sure Rick told you all about it. He is so amazing! We have tons of his books. Ben enjoys the magazine. He can't wait to go and meet Ken. We get free tickets because Rich is a pastor. You may want to check out the website and find out if there is a discount for teachers in parochial schools.

You are more than welcome to stay with us if you head this direction! When is the big Disney trip? How is Julie's dad?

Maria said...

Thank you for the invite. When are you going to cinci?
We may go sometime around July 4th ish.

We leave for Disney tomorrow night after Lisa's 8th grade graduation. We will go as far as my sister's house in Columbus Friday night.
Saturday we are going as far Morrow, GA.
We like to stay in Drury Inns. Families of 5 have such trouble getting a cheap room.
We can get a suite there for 84.99. Not a dream but do able.
Julie called today . Her dad is doing great! Thanks for the prayers. He had to have an aorta and a valve replaced and a hole patched in in heart. He should be able to go home on Sunday. Praise God!
And back to Lynn's for a minute...It is very expensive. i completely agree. That did not keep from ordering a Mimosa STAT when I walked through the door.
My favorite thing in the whole place was the used
"teabag chandelier".
Have fun bead shopping.

Karie said...

I have not been to those places but have you ever went to the Louisville Stone wear we went there on a field trip one year the kids love it was around Christmas time and they were each able to make their own ornament to take home. It was really cool.

Anonymous said...

I did it I sent a comment I can not believe I finally figured it out.