Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trip Report Day 1 Part 2

After we had checked into the hotel and had a snack at the concierge, we headed out for Downtown Disney. We didn't have tickets for the park the first day, but it was a GREAT opportunity to do some shopping. With our newly Disney decorated living room, we were excited to see what we would find to add to the decor!

After some shopping we decided to get some dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. We were warned that there is usually a pretty long wait there. We decided we would put our name on our list and then we would do a bit more shopping while we waited. Magic number one, we found out that the wait was only 15 minutes! We were so very excited! Magic number two, they seated us right by the elephants! Ben was so excited! Elephants are his favorites! Our dinner was great. We just had appetizers. It was plenty. While we were inside eating it was raining. We got inside just in time. We went to one more shop and then headed back to the hotel. We thought we might grab a snack at concierge, but everything had been put away. It was okay. We needed to get to bed on the earlier side, we were headed on our early morning safari bright and early.


Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

It was mischievous fun to call our friend Rob (who had warned of the terribly long wait at Rainforest Cafe) and tell him (while standing in the Cafe's gift shop) how quickly we were seated! :-)

Julie said...

We usually try to take it easy on our arrival days. We'll go swimming and then head to Downtown Disney for shopping. We like to have dinner at Planet Hollywood. It's very noisy, but it's fun to see all the props and such. We have the Rainforest Cafe 10 minutes away in Woodfield Mall, so that doesn't do anything for us. But I always forget that there are people who don't have something like that so close by!!

Kristi Heinz said...

We would probably try Planet Hollywood when Ben is older. He is such an animal guy, and we don't have one close by. Are you kidding, we don't have ANYTHING close by! I am working on the next trip report! It was a BUSY BUSY day!