Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Children in Church vs. Children's Church

My friend Rebekah posted a great story in her blog today. www.koester-littlethings.blogspot.com She was talking about her almost 2 year old holding the hymnal in church, standing and sitting at the proper times, and "singing" with the congregation! Those are priceless moments! I will never forget the Sunday I was in church with my cousin Jana and her kids. Ethan was probably 4ish. Our pastor was preaching, and for some reason which I cannot recall at this time, he mentioned "hakuna matata!" Well, Ethan's eyes became so wide! He couldn't believe that pastor was talking about his favorite Disney movie! He was listening. He was gladly hearing the word of God and he was learning it. (Yes, I do realize that "Hakuna Matata" is nowhere to be found in scripture....you got my point!)

If our children left us, and went to their own church service for the kids, would we get to experience these wonderful moments? Would they learn how important worship is to their parents by watching them? Would they realize that the words being preached at the "adult" service are God's Word for them too? I am so glad that I get to worship with my son every Sunday. I love that we can talk about the pastor's sermon because we were both there gladly hearing and learning. I love that he whispers in my ear when he doesn't understand something the pastor just said. I love hearing his sweet voice singing the beautiful hymns. I am blessed to
worship with Ben every Sunday! (I might not have said that quite so entusiastically when he was around 1 :0)

Boy Rebekah, I wish I could see that big girl with her hymnal!


Rebekah said...

I wish I could say it's always cute to see Chloe participating in church. Sometimes it's just plain frustrating for both of us as she tries to switch positions with the hymanl. At least she's learning (and without any coaxing from me)!

Kristi Heinz said...

I didn't mean to make it sound like it is always perfect, beautiful, and easy. However, it is what it is supposed to be. She thinks it is important because she sees you finding it important! You are a good mom!