Monday, August 17, 2009

Our new house!

I have decided to blog about our new house for you. I am not going to do it all at once! Today, I am showing you the front of our house, the front door, and the entrance or foyer.

Our house sits right next to the school. I counted that it takes us about 26 steps to get from our back door to the doors of the school. That will be great in the cold weather! Our house really isn't like many of the others in the neighborhood. You don't see many houses around here made of Indiana Limestone, and it is not tall...unlike most in the area. As you will see from the posts to come, it is a lot bigger than it looks like from the outside.

I love the leaded glass door! I think it is so pretty. It brings me much joy to have such a pretty door! I suppose that sounds silly, but it is true.

As you enter our house you see the chest that belonged to my grandfather. On it I have a beloved Longaberger basket :0) I also have a beautiful vase given to my by my cousin Amy. It didn't have a place of honor in our former house, but it sure does here! Last, but not at all least, is the painting I have of three sunflowers done by my dear friend Brian Oberdieck. I will not go into the fact that I had to BUY this painting, and still don't have my Christmas painting from years ago....oh wait, I just went into it. Oops.

When you turn right after entering our house you will enter our living room. Pictures of that will come soon!

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