Friday, August 14, 2009


On Sunday, August 9, Rich was installed as the new pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church, Chicago. Oh the day was lovely, even though it was blistering hot. (Nope, no air conditioning in the church!) We had many friends from college who are in the area come to attend. We also had friends from our former congregation in Chicago come to attend. My mom was there, along with Rich's family and our dear friend Davie. Rich also had a crowd from Higher Things in attendance. George, Rich's friend from Higher Things, and an amazing pastor in Texas, delivered the sermon. It was amazing! Rich can give you a link to read it. It was fantastic!

Our friend, and father of my godchild, Naomi, is the first vice president of the Northern Illinois District, so he was able to actually install Rich. That was so nice.

The music was SO wonderful. The church rang with beautiful organ music, trumpet, hand bells, and a lovely choir. Oh, I cannot wait to join in! It was so lovely.

The evening ended with a reception in the gym. It was the most delicious cake I think I have ever eaten, and I am still eating by the way! They rushed us through pictures a bit because the butter cream on the cake was melting in the heat! It made it though and so did we. Despite the heat, it was a great day!

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