Friday, August 14, 2009


We've safely made it to our new home in Chicago. After discovering where all our missing items were, we set out to have some fun and discover the area! Our first stop was with the Higher Things crowd. We went to the Chicago Brauhaus. YUMMO! Best German food I have had except for in Germany itself! We had some great German wine and enjoyed a fun night!

On Tuesday my friend Carol, a member of Mt. Greenwood Lutheran, our first parish, took us out for some sight seeing. She worked at the Ravenswood Hospital for many years, so she knows our neck of the woods quite well.

Our first stop was at Lutz's Austrian Bakery. Oh my!!!! We had a lovely lunch outside in their garden area, I so felt like I was back in Austria. I had a cheese and ham pie. Quite good. For dessert a lemon butter cream cake. It was difficult to decide what to have. Everything was so yummy.

Next stop the Paulina Meat Market. This was a German meat market and the smell as you walk in is about enough to put you over the edge. I ended up leaving with a smoked pork tenderloin and some sharp cheddar that had aged for 10 years. It was amazing! This is a place we will frequent for special occasions! Very good...a bit pricey.

Finally she took us to a cemetery. I cannot remember it's name for the life of me. I must look it up. It had many famous people from Chicago buried in it. The Pullman Family had a huge monument as did the Kimball family of Kimball pianos. Really pretty interesting. I could have done without the statue of Death, but still interesting just the same.

Thanks Carol for a great day! We enjoyed every bit of it! Cannot wait to see what we find around the next corner!

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