Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Living Room and Dining Room

Our next stop on the house tour is our new living room and dining room. I love these two rooms. They turned out just as I had hopped they would! Our new furniture looks perfect in the space. I love the lamp I got from Angie, thanks friend. It is the cream one with the green shade...it is perfect in the room.

We have a little built in shelf between the two rooms. We finally have a place to hang the beautiful stained glass cross that the Oberdieck family gave us a few years back. We had not found a place in our old house, but his is perfect!

I was not going to bring our china cabinet, but I change my mind at the last moment. I am so happy I brought it. I love that I can see my china and it is not packed in boxes!

The piano was a surprise from the congregation. I had sold my piano and they found this one in the neighborhood. Someone had passed away and they were wanting a home for the piano. I love it! Now I just need to have it tuned.

The dining room was just the right size for our things. I love how the baskets look in it! We have not put the tie backs on the curtains yet. Not sure if I want to or now. What do you think?

The dinning room leads to the kitchen....that comes tomorrow.

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