Friday, January 9, 2009

My Sweet Husband

I have been working at Ozzie's all week since the owner and manager have been at market. Tonight I came home and Rich was making dinner. How did I get so lucky?

On our last trip to Disney we had room service at the Polynesian hotel on a rainy night. We had this wonderful coconut and almond chicken. I decided I would come home and try to figure it out. I did! This is what Rich made tonight! To make it here is what you have to do:

Whisk together some egg and coconut milk. Finely chop some almonds and mix with coconut. Pound chicken breasts until thin. Dip the chicken in the egg mixture and then in the coconut mixture. Brown chicken in oil. OH YUM, OH YUM, OH YUM!


Susan said...

So with this coconut and the coconut milk, do you start with a plain ol' coconut? Or did you start with a can of coconut milk and a bag of shredded coconut? (Someone here was wanting to know what a coconut was like, so he got one for Christmas, and now we're trying to figure out what to do with it!)

Kristi Heinz said...

I do it with canned coconut milk and shredded coconut, but I suppose you could try it with the real stuff since you have it :0)

Susan said...

Like as if we have ANY idea what to do with a real coconut??? LOL! (But who knows, we might give a whirl.)

Kristi Heinz said...

Put a screwdrive or pick in one of the round hole things. Use a hammer to get a hole in it, and drain out the milk. Then cover it with a towel on all sides. Hit it with a hammer until it cracks into several pieces. Cut the meat out of the inside. Grind it up on a grater.

My aunt would make a great fresh coconut cake. She would use the milk instead of the water in a white cake mix. Then she would shred the meat and put it outside of some white frosting. It was SOOOOOO good.

I also had a friend who would dry the meat and it was yummy.