Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Catch Up Part I

I didn't get a chance to post many of our holiday here it goes.
We always enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner with my brother the day before Thanksgiving as they head on their way to Centralia to celebrate with Lora's family. We usually don't have turkey since everyone is going to have plenty the next day. This year my mom and brother made ribs! They were so yummy! After eating we asked Ben and Sam to chew on some bones for a photo opportunity. Ben just wouldn't chew on the bone for anything. Finally I talked him into it and when I finished taking the picture he exclaimed, "IT WASN'T MY BONE!" LOL!!!!

On Thanksgiving we were invited to spend the day with our family away from family, the Oberdieck's. There was a lot to be thankful for at their home this year. We all thanked God for the fact that Emma had not only survived her terrible wreck, but that she is doing wonderfully! We were also thankful to spend the day with my godson, Joshua.

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