Friday, November 28, 2008

Day After Thanksgiving

Today was my first day after Thanksgiving in retail. Usually I am out shopping. I didn't do it at all today! It actually felt good! I didn't end up buying things I shouldn't buy with money I don't have! At Ozzie's it was such a busy and crazy day. I have to say that it was quite fun also. I really enjoyed it. And, I can home to lights outside of my house and trees up inside! My boys are WONDERFUL! I was anticipating this, so I brought home donuts for breakfast tomorrow morning :0)

I made soup for everyone to have for lunch at work today. They all loved it and wanted the recipe, so I thought you all might enjoy it too!

Taco Soup
1 can cream of potato soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can chicken broth
1 can chicken
1 can Mexican corn
1 can tomatoes with chilies
1 package taco seasoning
1 pint sour cream
1 can black beans....rinsed


Maria said...

Just heat and serve?
Sour cream last right before service?

Glenda said...

I awarded you! Feel free to play along.