Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend, when I was growing up, back in the day, was HUGE to me! My best friend and neighbor, Peter Reynolds, would pair up with me to help Jerry's Kids! We went from door to door. We had a backyard carnival. I lived and breathed to hear what the magic number was going to be at the end of the day! I loved helping out! I felt I was doing something to help make a difference in the world. The telethon doesn't seem to have the importance that it used to. I feel sad about that.

This Labor Day Weekend we went back to my home town of Centralia, IL. My mom was going to attend her 60th class reunion. We took her so she could go. We stayed with my Aunt Beth and Uncle Wayne. I love being at their house. They have this WONDERFUL screened in porch. I just love to sit out there. We do breakfast there every morning. It is so very peaceful. I am envious of their porch. I would love to have one someday. I would really like to sleep out on the porch, but my Aunt doesn't seem to like the thought of that idea. Besides, they live near a set of railroad tracks. Who knows how that could keep you up at night!

We attended church in the church I grew up in. It has changed so much. We did not do a bit of liturgy! We prayed the Lord's Prayer, said the Apostle's Creed, and their pastor said the Words of Institution. The congregation picked the hymns they wanted to sing. The pastor waltzed around the altar area as he told stories, I mean preached. It just was not my style of worship. I hate to say that I didn't really feel like I had been to church.

It was a nice relaxing weekend. I made some jewelry and read a book. We all needed a slow paced weekend such as that one! It was great. I cannot wait to be on the porch again!


Jessica said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend Kristi! Sorry that church didn't seem like church to you. We missed you at St. John's!

Maria said...

I agree about a screened in porch.
I love them.
We basically made a final decision to buy this house because it has a screened in porch.
Rick has had to do a lot of work on it and needs to do a lot more.
He redid some of my mother's furniture and hung a piece of her stained glass for me.
Now my screened porch is a real haven for me. Complete with a porch swing where I waited for my daddy or my dates, said "goodnight" to my dates and read many a book in my youth!
What a great man!
I will try to send you pictures.