Tuesday, August 12, 2008

German Meal

Tonight I made a German dinner. When we were in Wisconsin we didn't get to go t0 our favorite restaurant, Weissgerber's, and I have been craving rouladen ever since. So, I looked up the recipe and tried it out. I am not so great at gravy. If I could make a good beef gravy it would have been great. It was fine. I also made braised red cabbage and spaetzle. The dough might have been a bit too heavy. I need the tool that helps with spaetzle.

If anyone has brown gravy advice I would love it.


Angie said...

What are you doing for your gravy now? I have the tool, let me know next time you make it.

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

You are too hard on yourself. It was great! We can find a different gravy recipe, but everything else was quite tasty!

Meine Frau hat ein fantastisches Mahl gemacht!

Maria said...

Are you taunting me?
Brown gravy ...
Add butter and flour to your pan drippings and then add.... CREAM... yummo!
Rinderrouladen are my favorite german meal

Kristi Heinz said...

Okay, I mixed butter and flour until it turned lightly brown. I reduced my drippings and added it to the butter and flour. It was really thick. Not yummy.

Maria, you made a WONDERFUL rinderrouladen! I still remember it from our night of St. Nicholas celebration at your house. I also got a lovely clock ornament. Very Adventish. I remember you all every time we put it on the tree! We now give ornaments on that day because of you!

Anyway, mine was dry. The one at the resturaunt in Wisconsin is served in a brown gravy. There is a lot of gravy. This one was not that way. I like it with all the gravy. do you know what I mean? Maybe the cream is the key!

Angie, I will use your new tool next time. I was not patient enough!

Jessica said...

Ok...this is making my hungry just looking at it. You are so creative with your cooking! I hope you are feeling better and I wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss. I read your last post and I am proud of you. It is not easy as we all know!

Maria said...

You inspired me to buy red cabbage.
I added it to a beautiful romaine salad with blue cheese, dried cherries, scallions, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes ( from our garden). The only edible item we grow! :)
Then tonight with the rest of it...t I made red cabbage slaw and it was a hit!
I only make all that German stuff once a year! It's too much work for me.

Glenda said...

Looks and sounds like a beautiful meal!