Sunday, March 30, 2008


I don't spend much time focusing on money. I love to shop, but I have never set out in life to be rich. I studied to be a teacher, a Lutheran teacher at that . I married a pastor. There were no huge dollar signs in my future, and I have been COMPLETELY fine with that...until recently.

I am not a big Oprah fan. I think she does some great things, but there are some other parts of her beliefs that I cannot see eye to eye with her on. I do, however, desire to have the money she gives to the contestants on "Oprah's Big Give". The only reason I desire to be rich is to give it away! I would LOVE to have to figure out how to give away thousands of dollars! I would love to just go around doing random acts of kindness that only 100,000 dollars can do. Wouldn't that be a blast? Wouldn't it be fantastic to have the resources to just give, give, give? Yes, I want to be rich so I can give it away!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Time Flies!

It seems like just yesterday that I was flying to Indianapolis on my last day of school to see my new niece Tori. I lived with my brother and his wife and took care of her in the summer. I have always cherished and she has always been "my girl". I cannot believe that she is going to be an eighth grader next year! I cannot believe that she sat down this week and showed me things on my phone that I never knew were there. I cannot believe that we go shopping for Vera Bradley purses together! Time does fly! I have enjoy seeing her over break. I wish we were able to see each other more. I know that we would be all crafty together! Hey Tori, I went to a HUGE JoAnn's Fabrics today. Cool store! You were right that it is a fun place! I wish we would have went together.

God never gave me a daughter, and I am okay with that....sometimes :0) I will say this though, no matter how big she gets, she will always be my girl, even if she doesn't let me play with her hair anymore!

Loving Civilization!!!!!

We are at our Fairy Godmother's house visiting. We always have a wonderful time here!

Southern Indiana is a lovely place to live. It is peaceful. It is a wonderful community where Christianity is important. We have such lovely scenery. The view out of our kitchen window is like a Norman Rockwell painting. I will take a photo and post it sometime. However, I LOVE being in the city. It is the Chicago girl in me! Today we went shopping. It didn't know where to go first. There was a HUGE JoAnn's fabric, Barnes and Noble's, TJ Maxx, World Market, and a HUGE mall, not to mention tons of other stores, all right next to each other. Down the road is a Michael's, which I love. I visited two bead shops! It is AMAZING! The shopping is great. Maybe God placed us away from all of that because He knows how much I love to shop!

We have nice shopping in Louisville, but we never have the time to get there and then do everything we want to do. I long to live near a big city. Country life is nice, but I believe I am still a city mouse at heart.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wonderful Easter

We had a blessed Easter, and I pray that all of you did too! Our divine service was lovely! Ben played "I Know that My Redember Lives" on the trumpet, our friend had their daughter Emma baptized, the choir say, other intruments joined, it was so wonderful!

I thought I would share some Easter pictures of Ben and the family. We are enjoying Spring Break at our dear friend Davie's. We just left my brother's house for some time with his family. Life is good!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I went out today looking for my FAVORITE Easter candy! I could not find those little candy coated balls of peanut butter ANYWHERE! I went to about 5 stores. GONE! I couldn't believe it! Why did I wait so long? Do I really have to go through an Easter without them? Anyone know where I can find some? If you find them, buy them!!!!! I will pay you back and pay for shipping :0) I am an addict! There really is more to Easter than peanut butter eggs! Sorry to sound so shallow!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here it Comes!

There is nothing like some beautiful sunshine to lift one's spirits! After a long run of cloudy and rainy days, we finally have some beautiful sun! They say we might have snow on Easter, but today, the sun is BEAUTIFUL! I feel like a new person! Thank you Lord for this perfect day!

The picture is actually from a sunrise I witnessed on our cruise!

New Jewelry

I am getting ready to post some new jewelry pictures into my shoebox. There are some cool new things! Go take a look!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Love My Son!

Right to Life of Southern Indiana is having an essay and poster contest. Ben is in the age group now that has to write an essay. He chose to write one on Eutenasia. He did a wonderful job. I was very proud of my soon to be 10 year old. I thought I would, with his permission, post it for you to read. He said he didn't mind that the people here in Indiana read it, but he was a little worried about it being "out there for the whole world to read". Well, I assured him that the whole world surely was not reading my blog.....and, he did this whole project to increase awareness about this terrible thing that is allowed to happen, so this would be a great way to witness to a lot of people. it is!

Good Death? I Don’t Think So!
By Ben Heinz

The word “euthanasia” in Greek means “good death.” The words “good” and “death” just cannot go together. Death came into the world because of sin, and sin is not good!

What do people mean by “euthanasia?” Euthanasia can be done two ways. Neither of them are “good.” Euthanasia by action is doing something, like giving a deadly shot. The other way is called euthanasia by omission, which is refusing food, water, or medical help so that the patient dies.

God says in the Bible, in the Fifth Commandment, “You shall not murder.” This means you should not do anything to hurt someone or his body. So euthanasia would be going against God’s Fifth Commandment, even if the patient asks for it.

Right before my grandfather died, he had one last word, “Home.” He knew he was going to heaven to be with our heavenly Father at his real “home.” Just imagine those people who do not see the wonderful Father bringing them home because they wanted control of when they died, and would not have the experience of Jesus bringing them to their heavenly home.

What can I do? I’m just a kid.

First, I can tell others the Word of God, and that they are important to the world. God tells us the best way to make a difference in the world is to tell the Gospel to others, such as nurses, doctors, and families of sick and dying people. In fact, it is very important to share the Gospel with the patients themselves.

I also can be an example to others by showing care for older people and those who are dying. Then, other people may care for them to, making them feel loved and cherished. The dying can also feel they have a large purpose.

Finally, praying for them is the best way that I can help them. Jesus promises to hear the prayers of Christians everywhere. Even when we simply say, “Lord, have mercy,” Jesus hears our prayer for forgiving, healing, and helping everyone in the whole world. That mercy is for everyone, even the people who are sick, the dying, and their doctors and nurses.

No, the words “good” and “death” do not go together. What happens after death, though, is another story: God gives us a new, eternal, Good Life!

Exodus 20:13

Yummy Stuff

I am very fond of the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. I always find things in there that I LOVE to make. Tonight we were going to the "O" family's house to watch American Idol. First of all, can I say that I cannot believe that Amanda went home tonight! That is just wrong! Anyway, I thought I would make some treats to take over there. I love to bake, but I have to do it when I can take it somewhere and not have it around! I have a pan that I got from William and Sanoma that makes twinkies! So, I made them chocolate, and I filled them with cream (I piped it in the bottom with a large round piping tip). The cream is from Blythe's Ho-Ho Cake recepie from a Gooseberry book. I think it really tastes like the cream in twinkies. So here it is:

3/4 c. milk
2-1/2 T. Flour
3/4 c. butter
1 c. sugar
1 t. vanilla
Combine milk and flour in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring until thickened; set aside. Blend butter for 4 minutes with a hand mixer; (I used my Kitchen Aide) add sugar and blend 4 minutes. Stir in milk mixture and vanilla; blend additonal 4 minutes.

It is not hard but tastes like it was very difficult! Yummy!


I have been looking forward to Spring Break for some time. I had this "to do" list that is a mile long. Why did I go into this break thinking I had to accomplish so much? Why couldn't I just go into it looking forward to a time to relax and enjoy time with my friends and family. Is the mess in my pantry going to go anywhere? Will life come to a hault if I don't clean out the bathroom closet? Today, I felt like doing nothing. I have done some things, but nothing to really check off my list. I didn't enjoy it though. I sat at my computer on or no couch thinking that I shouldn't be relaxing, that I should be working. I think my body is telling me I should relax, but my head just doesn't want it to. What is wrong with me? It is frustrating! So, I didn't really relax, and my list is still there looking at me. What will tomorrow bring? Ugh!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, I finished painting yesterday evening, but I was just too tired to clean it all up. Today I got up and cleaned everything really well, hot glued the shells to the shower curtain hangers, and loaded the room. I am not quite finished. I need to get some frames for the cool prints of the beach that we got a Disney in the fall. That is on today's agenda. Hope you like it. I think I need to make a tropical drink and go sit in there and enjoy it. Well....not "sit" in there, you know! Tee-hee!

Monday, March 17, 2008

So Far So Good

It is 2:00 and I have removed all things from the bathroom, with the help of Ben. I scrubbed it down with bleach water, taped it, with the help of Rich, and primed it. Here are some before pictures and some after priming pictures (you'll know because of that blue tape). I plan to finish painting today, the primer just needs to dry. I don't know if I will "load the room" tonight or not. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Spring Break!

Today is the start of our Spring Break. I always try to take on some sort of project each year. Last year we "Disneyized" our living room. Today I am starting our big bathroom project! I am turning the bathroom into a lovely beach! There is much to be done. I have cleaning to do first. Then I must scrub down the ceiling. We have a mold problem that seems to creep up in there. We have talked to the trustees about it, but nothing is ever done. We bought some primer and paint that is supposed to help the problem. We will see if it really does. I will take some before, middle, and after pictures. I will be beginning by removing the wall paper border I put up several years ago. That should not be a terribly difficult job. I was hoping this was going to be a one day project, but the more I think about what needs to be done, the more I think it might take longer than that. We will see. If I am going to accomplish anything what I really need to do is sign off of this silly computer! I gave myself until 8:00 a.m. before I started.....I have five minutes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Matthew Issac Has Arrived!

Little Matthew arrived today at 1:46 p.m. He has a head of lovely black hair and is doing great! He is healthy and weighed in at 7 lbs. 17 oz. and is 20 in. long. His mommy is doing well to. We rejoice that everything went well for all of them. We thank God for this new little guy and anxiously await the day he is made God's child through his baptism! Happy Birthday Matthew!

Baby "Huff"

My dear friend Amy is currently at the hospital in labor with their son Matthew. I am praying that all goes well for mommy and baby! I am excited that it is most likely that this little one will be born on my birthday! Please pray for them with me!

My friend Rebekah is VERY close to delivery also. I am praying for her today too. I know how difficult it is to wait at this point of the game. I was hoping both would be born on my birthday, but little baby Koester will have to get going if she is going to arrive today! :0)

We start Spring Break today! This is a great birthday gift. It is time for a break. We all have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

I am having a lovely day. I have enjoyed German Chocolate cup cakes made by my principal, gifts from my students (a plant, itunes card, and beautiful shells!) I got some lovely tea items from my dear friend Angie. I cannot wait to try them out! My friend Sherrie gave me a gift card to my favorite coffee joint. That is always a treat! My husband gave me tea, some Vera Bradley items to match my purse, and some great tea books. Ben gave me a Willow Tree angel holding a heart. It is sweet. And, my secret pal gave me some cute planters with disney characters on them. Davie got me a billfold to match my purse and some money to go with it :0) My mom got me a cute green and white checked shirt and some cash! What wonderful blessings! I had lunch with my mom at Olive Garden, my all time favorite. We are now home for a peaceful night inside. It is not a nice day. Just rainy!

Today I thank God for 41 wonderful years full of many blessings. I thank Him for loving family and friends. What a great life I have!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So, I had to give my idol predictions and thoughts. My Idol friends and I all filled out forms to predict where the season will go. Well, not Erin, she chose to pass. Come on girl!

After I filled my paper out I looked at others. Emma and I have the exact same thing, except two are switched around! Wild!

I think David Cook has a good chance of winning it all. He was brilliant last night! I said it even before Simon did. He really is smart and a darn good rocker. We will see.

My choice for second is Carley. She has as amazing voice. Paual is right, she can sing the phone book! She did a wonderful job last night and showed she knows how to own a stage!

David, who I originally thought would win it all is my third choice. He really crumbled under last night's pressure. I think he is amazing, but not sure that he can win it all. It just depends how many little girls and grandmas out there are voting!

Tonight I believe Kristy will go home. Her arrangement was awful!

We will see how I do....maybe I will post my entire list later. I was proud of Chacezi. I think he shocked a lot of people last night. He won't make it to the top. I just don't think he will, but he is doing a TON of improving.

We will see how right or wrong I am. It is going to be a really great season!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dare Ya!

So, I have a challenge for all of you who read my blog! If you don't have a blog of your own, I challenge you to start one! It is SO easy! And isn't it a great way of keeping in touch? Come on Angie, Maria, Emma, Erin, Amy, Naomi, I know you can do it! I would love to have more blogs to read! Also, if there are blogs that you read often and you would like to share, I would love more blogs to visit! It is an addiction! I am waiting for those new blogs! Join us!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Secrets

I was the one who stayed home with the sick boy today. He has now been on the antibiotic for 24 hours. I see no difference. He is still hacking all day long. The poor boy. He just cannot stop coughing. He also has a bright red moustache right under his nose. He blows his nose constantly. I don't know if he will be going to school tomorrow or not. I never know what to do in these situations! Any advice? I would welcome it!

So, today I baked. My Young Author's Tea in my classroom is Thursday, so I baked things for it. I made muffins and brownies. I also made banana bread for Emma. She loves it. And, finally, for my boy and for scouts tonight, I made chocolate chip cookies. My friend Peter always made the best chocolate chip cookies ever, so I got his recipe. Here are the secrets.

1. Mix by hand.
2. Melt the butter until it is just soft.
3. Beat the eggs.
4. Put the baking soda in an equal amount of warm water and mix before adding it in.

They always turn out wonderfully!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick "O' family update

Brian took Emma for her first doctors visit since the wreck. He said that everything went well. They got in and out of the car much more easily then when they came home from hospital. Emma had a list of things she was hoping to be able to start doing, but the doctor told her she had to rest and continue to heal. It is a good sign that she is wanting to try to do more, that means she is feeling better and getting stronger! Thanks for all your prayers for them. Emma is such a productive person, I know it is so very difficult for her to not be busy and to also have to depend on others to help her out. We pray for her daily and appreciate those of you who are joining us in doing so.

Also, our Kind. teacher's husband, who is a helicopter pilot, had a helicopter accident on Sunday. Remarkably, he is doing well also. God is so good! He has cuts and bruises and two broken ribs. He didn't even have to stay the night in the hospital! It is amazing! I wonder how many times a day we are kept by God's angels from being harmed. I probably don't even want to know! If you could keep Jim in your prayers along with Emma it would be greatly appreciated.

How Does One Improve Their Veins?

Okay, this morning, I went to the doctor for the regular blood draw to monitor blood sugar and check on my thyroid changes. First of all....we were on a two hour delay! That means I COULD have slept in. No, I had to get my blood drawn at 7:30 a.m. I made an early appointment so that I would not be too late for school. UGHHHH!!!!! Then, they had to stick me FIVE times to get my blood. I have these really deep veins that tend to roll. They usually don't even go for the arm. I usually get a baby needle in my hand or wrist. The wrist REALLY smarts! I drank TONS of water before going there to try and help the process. I sit down and the girl tells me that she just got a hard stick on the first try, so I am feeling pretty happy about this. Well, she tried once in my left hand. No luck. She fished and fished, but no chance of a drop of blood comming out. Next the second lady tried. She did once in the right hand and once in the left hand. Still no blood. The next lady comes in. She tries my wrist. She fishes around A LOT! No blood. Finally, they called someone in from the lab. This made me nervous. The last time a lab lady took my blood she squeezed 3 viles out of my finger drop by drop! This lady was better! She got it right away! She even got it from my arm! I wrote down her name! I told her I would be asking for her next time!

Does anyone know of anything I can do to help my little rolling pipes along for the next stick? I have tried lots of water, breathing to relax, they have used heat, squeezing a ball.....what next? I will take any advice anyone wants to offer!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Ice Cream

Since my poor boy cannot go outside in the snow, I thought I would bring some snow inside to him. "Back in the day" my friend Peter and I used to make snow ice cream every time we had a big snow. Our recipe had raw eggs in it. Today you can't do that, so I went in search for a recipe where the eggs were cooked. I found this one and it was great! It brought back a flood of memories! Yumm-O! Give it a try. Let me know what you think! Do it quick while the snow is new and clean!

1/2 c. milk

14 oz. can sweet. cond. milk

3 lg. eggs

1/4 tsp. salt

1 c. sugar

1 Tbsp. vanilla

2 gallons snow or so

Mix all indredients and bring to a boil over medium heat. Put in the fridge to cool to room temp. Poor over snow a bit at a time so it does not get all runny.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, we are finally getting the snow I have been wishing for. They say we could get up to 14 inches. We will see what happens. Our county has actually declared a state of emergency because of whiteout conditions when driving. No one is to be out on the road unless there is an emergency until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I am just sad that Ben is sick and cannot go out and play in it. Maybe it will stay around until he is better! It really is beautiful.

Ben still had a fever in the 100's today. At one point it was 102. This bug is not a fun one! Hopefully we will be over the fever stuff tomorrow. He mostly just laid around today. So did we! We all enjoyed a lazy day catching up on some needed rest! It was good! Tomorrow will need to be a more productive day though! It is a rare thing for me to not accomplish much in a day. I feel guilt. Rich tells me to get over it! Thankfully he went out at six this morning and got more Tylenol for Ben. We would have been out if he had not!

I hope you are all safe and cozy and have enjoyed your day too!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Poor Boy

So, it is Lutheran School's Week, there are all kinds of fun things planned, and Ben is home sick again this year! It is not fair! He had 102 degree fever this morning. He was so disappointed. I was disappointed for him too! Today we had a drive in at lunch! The seventh and eight graders turned the tables into cars by putting grills on the front of them. We showed the Disney Pixar Shorts on the wall with the projector. The kids ate their lunches, had ice cream floats, and watched the movie in their "cars". They had a BLAST! And my boy had to miss it! I feel so badly for him. Tomorrow is pirate day, we are having a treasure hunt at school with clues. He will most likely miss that too. He still had a fever at noon.

If that was not bad enough, his DI competition is Saturday. He had to miss it last year because he was sick. Hopefully he will be over everything before Saturday and will still be able to be part of his team. It is not easy to work thingls out when someone is missing.

It just seems as though he is not supposed to be part of DI or Lutheran Schools Week. Please say a little prayer for him so that he will feel good enough on Saturday. (That is if we have to go. We are supposed to get some snow. They say 5-9 inches. Thats like two feet for those of you who get real snow.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She's home!

Emma was able to go home yesterday. Her left arm is broken six times from her wrist to her elbow. It does not have a permanent cast yet. They will see if bone grafting needs to be done first. He right kneecap is broken. She will be walking with a walker. She says her knee only hurts when she puts weight on it. Her right leg has to be straight at all times. Her head has some stitches, but appears to be healing nicely. Her tongue was quite swollen from bitting it, but the swelling is now going down and she is starting to be able to swallow better. We are all still saying prayers of thanks to God for keeping her safe. It still amazes us all! My husband spoke of it in his sermon on Sunday....check it out at his blog!

Thanks for all the prayers and offers of help! We almost have them covered for two weeks of meals already!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update on Emma

As of late last night Emma was sleeping well. She had surgery yesterday evening on her arm/wrist. They put some plates in and there was no need for pins sticking out. This will make things much easier with the baby. Brian said she has several stitches in her forehead and quite a bit of bruising around her eyes. She is going to be in some pain for a while, but this will be a small cross for her to bear considering what the Lord saved her from! Brian retrieved some things from the car yesterday and said he was sure there was an imprint of her gaurdian angel on that car! THE LORD IS GOOD!